Golf GPS Shopping

When Golf Gps Shopping

Where to GPS Shop?  Recently my wife asked me what I would like for Christmas.  Usually, not even a question I would tell her where to go what model to get and how much to budget for.  With a gps system in question this year I had to do some research!  Where did I start and how did I finish shopping for a golf gps?

I started here: Golf GPS at an amazon store

I then researched others:   and tried to stick with the best…

 Golf GPS Reviews | GPS Vehicle Tracking Tools and Blog

In countless fields of business, entertainment, health and medicine, Global Positioning System (GPS) is widely utilized. It’s no longer new to our sense of.

 The Golf Buddy Pro GPS – No More Bad Decisions On The Golf Course …

Over the past year, a lot of GPS golf range finders have become available on the market. With so many to choose from, it’s hard to single one out that you know will deliver the results you desire. Well, we have done the hard work for …

I did some research by shopping at a trusted amazon store then I went and poked arround a few blogs to find out what others really thought of the gps units that they had bought. 

My conclusion is that the best place to get honest opinions on gps systems for golf is the amazon store because when you look at the reviews you know that they are reviews from people who bought the GPS Unit for Golf in the first place and are not putting up a review just to sell a product.

What do you think?

By the way:  I am leaning toward either the golf buddy or the skycaddy.


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Titleist Pro V1 lawsuit

Titleist Pro V1 lawsuit with Callaway and Titleist:

Where is the best places to find information about the lawsuit and can I still get my golf balls?  We would like to answer all of that information for you, however, find that sometimes it is easier to go to some consistant known sources for this kind of information. 

Below you will find some great souces in the lawsuit of Callaway and Titleist.   Also, for a short time you may still shop for and purchase your Pro V1 golf balls at

Titleist Ordered To Stop The Sale Of Pro V1 – …

In its ruling today, the Court also rejected Acushnet’s request to overturn the jury’s December 2007 verdict which found that Callaway Golf’s golf ball patents were valid and infringed by Acushnet’s Titleist Pro V1 family of golf balls. …

End of production for Titleist Pro V1’s? – Golf Rewind

I just saw a bottom linenote on ESPN that Callaway won a patent lawsuit against Titleist and specifically Pro V1’s and that their would be an end of.

Titleist Pro V1 Lawsuit
Another source for the Lawsuit that lists other well known sites. Worth the time to check out if you are worried about loosing your golf balls.

Post your opinions about the Titleist Lawsuit: Join and talk about golf balls in general. They really want to hear your opinions

Of course you would like to still shop for your favorite golf balls while they are still here right? Shop for them at

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Golf Ball Opinions

Golf Ball Opinions:  Everyone has them!

Here is a site that I created last night to gather your opinions on golf balls.  Feel free to agree, disagree chat or rant, start your own converstation… We do want to hear what you are playing with and what you want to play with more.  Also what golf ball works best for you and your swing speed variables.  Check this out and have an opinion.

More information and more opinions on more balls will follow as we pick up steam and conversations.  As always, we are monitoring trends, activities and opinions about golf balls so that we can bring you more of what you want.


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The Titleist Pro V1 – What do you think?

The Titleist Pro V1 – opinion

The Titleist Pro V1 is supposed to be the number one played ball on tour.  What do you think?  How has the golf ball played for you?

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Last Min Golf Shopping – Golf GPS

Golf GPS for Christmas – Yes!

It is Christmas Eve day and if you still have not gotten something for your husband that is special and that you know he will enjoy then you can get yourself out of a lot of trouble by running down to the local golf store and scooping up a golf gps for christmas for him.

Here are the reasons:

  • He will love it!
  • He will love you for buying the gps for him.
  • He will think of you everytime he is out on the golf course.  How often can you do you think that happens?

Now, you kneed to know where to go and do some reasearch or at this point can you just trust someone to tell you the best golf gps to run out and get?   If you need some research then you should go here. 

Golf GPS is a trusted amazon webstore … you can even do some research there.

Actually, they have reviews and news about what the best Golf GPS is and it may surprise you, it is a newcomer.

Stop reading now and go out and make your man happy with a golf gps for Christmas.

While at the store you may want to get some golf balls:  Reasearch the best kind of balls to get your man here:  Only-Golf -Balls.   If you don’t know what he plays… here is a big hint.  Look in his bag.

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Golf Ball Design and Physics

Golf Ball Design and Physics are interesting although I can say that I really don’t care as long as I can take what the brainiacks are making and apply it to my game …

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